Change in one’s sexual orientation and gender identity is possible. There are thousands of former transgenders and ex-gays who have left the LGBT lifestyle with the help of clinical therapy or spiritual counseling, and are living happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives as a result, in harmony with their faith. Hear the stories in their own words in these videos.

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This bill is wildly unconstitutional, on many levels, including but not limited to, our Charter rights to freedom of religion, expression and association.

Parents can be sentenced up to 5 years in prison if they encourage their gender-confused child to identify with their biological birth sex, or arrange body-affirming therapy for their son or daughter. [Section 320.‍103(1)]

 Clergy can be sentenced to 5 years in prison if they dare provide spiritual counselling to children under 18 who come to them asking for help with their unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction. 

 Priests and pastors can also be sentenced up 2 years in prison if they “advertise” that they’re willing to provide spiritual guidance for unwanted sexual feelings to adults.  [Section 320.‍104]. Under the ambiguous definition of conversion therapy, “advertising” will be interpreted to include announcing from the pulpit, or printing in the church bulletin, that the pastor is willing to provide spiritual guidance to persons experiencing unwanted LGBT feelings, or simply to help them leave a sinful LGBT lifestyle.

 If you’re a pastor or church leader who publicly proclaims the power of Christ to transform homosexuals and transgenders, you may be arrested for “advertising conversion therapy”.

If you’re a Catholic priest who advertises Courage™ meetings on your parish website, or mentions it from the pulpit, you’ll be guilty of advertising conversion therapy’ and could face a 2 year prison sentence. Courage is the Catholic Church’s official apostolate which ministers to adult men and women with same-sex attraction who want to live chastely, in accordance with their faith. The same jail sentence applies to Protestant pastors who promote Exodus Global International or other church programs that minister to persons with same-sex attraction.

 If an ex-gay or ex-trans is converted at your church and drops some money in the offering plate, you could be arrested for receiving an indirect “material benefit for conversion therapy” and face up to 2 years in prison. [Section 320.105].

Therapists and licensed counsellors can be sentenced to 5 years in prison if they dare provide counselling to children whose families come to them asking for help with gender confusion, even if the child desperately wishes to be free from the idea that they are “trapped in the wrong body” and ask for help to be at peace with their biological sex.  [Section 320.103(1)]

The Trudeau Government lied when it said that C-6 only bans “conversion therapy” for children, and that adults will still be able to choose counselling. Here’s why Trudeau and Justice Minister David Lametti are lying:

  1. Under Section 320.‍104 of Bill C-6, therapists will be jailed up to 2 years if they offer or “advertise” counselling services to help adults with unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction.
  2. If a therapist privately agrees to help an adult, but requests their standard professional fee for the counselling session, they will face up to two years in jail for receiving a “material benefit from conversion therapy”. [See Section 320.‍105].

 This is a sneaky way for the Liberals to make it de-facto illegal to receive ‘conversion therapy’ for adults.  The Liberals understand very well that no therapist will offer this type of counselling if they’re unable to make a living from it. What professional in his right mind who has bills to pay and a family to feed, would suddenly decide he or she’s in business to work for free?

 The Liberals are counting on the fact that options for adult therapy will dry up once professionals cannot be reimbursed for their services. It’s a way to indirectly make the services illegal. Trudeau also understands that by making it illegal to receive compensation and to advertise your services, the law will create such a “chill” that even counsellors who might’ve been willing to offer treatment at no charge will be so scared of running afoul of the law, that they’ll  turn down patients.

 Bill C-6 criminalizes talk therapy of the kind that has helped thousands of same-sex attracted persons leave the gay lifestyle, and in many cases, to recover heterosexual attraction.

This is standard talk therapy of the kind pioneered by Sigmund Freud and used every day, in every psychologist’s office, to treat virtually every mental pathology that patients ask for help with. It is not new and not controversial. However, the Liberal Party and the activists in the media have dishonestly promoted the lie that “conversion therapy” consists of electroshocking gays against their will.

This is the big lie of the conversion therapy ban movement.  Nobody gets electroschocked against their will in Canada today for the treatment of unwanted same-sex attraction. This has not happened for almost half a century. And even at that time, it was only done by a few misinformed doctors following the medical fad of the time, used not only to treat homosexuality, but many other pathologies.  Forcibly confining and electroshocking people against their will, for any reason, is already illegal. We don’t need a new law for that.

Yet, the Trudeau government is still peddling the big lie that “conversion therapy” involves forcibly confining homosexuals and electroshocking them against their will.   NO. IT. DOESN’T. Modern “conversion therapy” is nothing more than voluntary talk therapy with a licensed professional, or in some cases, voluntary spiritual guidance by a priest, pastor or Christian ministry.

Just 10 years ago, children experiencing Gender Dysphoria, previously called Gender Identity Disorder, was a rare occurrence. Since then, left wing activists have flooded the educational system, from K-12, with ideological lessons on Gender Identity. As a result, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of children suffering with Gender Dysphoria, or identifying as ‘transgendered’.

In the past, the treatment for Gender Dysphoria in children was a “wait and see” approach combined with talk therapy by a psychologist, and parents gently discouraging cross-dressing at home. This course of treatment produced a clinical success rate of up to 98% in which, after puberty, children no longer experienced any gender confusion and were happy in their biological bodies.

Bill C-8 criminalizes this “wait and see” talk therapy approach for Gender Dysphoric children as a form of “conversion therapy”, and only permits psychotherapists only to affirm the child’s delusion of being born in the wrong body, and recommending puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, thus shunting them towards a future of sex-change surgery (SRS). We know from the world’s most authoritative study on post-operative transsexuals that people who underwent SRS experienced a 19 times higher rate of suicide. Therefore, Bill C-8 represents mass child abuse to gender dysphoric Canadian children.

For an excellent scholarly paper that delves into greater detail on the modern phenomenon of huge numbers of children identifying as transgendered, and which the author describes as a “social contagion,” click here.

Bill C-6 authorizes police to wire-tap family homes and listen in on parents to catch them in discussions with their gender-dysphoric or same-sex attracted children that could be interpreted to fit the overbroad definition of “conversion therapy”. Police can also wire-tap churches, religious non-profits and psychotherapist offices. Bill C-6 also authorizes the seizure of written and digital materials.

Will there be wiretaps on church leaders to ensure that they are not engaged in “criminal activity” when they preach on passages of the Bible that condemn homosexual acts and cross-dressing as sinful? Will church phone lines be wiretapped to monitor private conversations between pastors and congregation members that might involve conversion to Christ and away from an LGBT lifestyle?

Will militant LGBT activists who hate the church, use this law to entrap pastors who are known to be faithful to biblical teaching, by posing as a parishioner who wants to discuss leaving a sinful LGBT lifestyle, in order to get the clergyman arrested?

Bill C-6 is unconstitutional on its lack of equality under the law. It’s logically inconsistent for a law to discourage transition from homosexuality to heterosexuality, but at the same time, to encourage people to “convert” to the opposite sex.

How is it fair to say that people who identify as LGBT can obtain therapy to affirm them as “gay” during a phase of sexual exploration, but the same people cannot obtain therapy to leave the gay lifestyle or to restore heterosexual potential if that is their choice?

This is not fair or balanced, since it allows “conversion” in one direction, and not the other. Is Canada a confessional state, allowing “conversion” to LGBT, but not away from that lifestyle?

 Bill C-6 was written in consultation with a radical gay activist and academic named Kristopher Wells.  In fact, it is appropriate to call him the architect of Bill C-6. Mr. Wells’ involvement in the crafting of this legislation, which directly affects church rights and how our health system deals with child sexual confusion, should be alarming to everyone. Wells’ background is seriously disturbing.

First of all, there is his past involvement with a website which exposed children to graphic, sexually-explicit content. Watch a Rebel News report about it here:

Secondly, he has put his hatred for Christians on full display, with a ghoulish, anti-Christian cartoon he posted on Twitter. Watch a news report about that here:

Watch the following video to learn of Mr. Well’s true agenda in pushing a so-called “Conversion Therapy” ban, which is to silence and criminalize all public expression of Christian, biblical beliefs about homosexuality.



Bill C-6 opens the door to a whole new level of censorship and thought-control. It may even lead to censoring – and banning – the Bible itself!
Bill C-6 is designed to eliminate certain politically-incorrect ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints from Canadian society by entrenching a totalitarian law in our Criminal Code. This law will discriminate against Evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Social Conservatives, and anyone who holds to a traditional view on sexuality and gender. This law will also discriminate against ex-LGBT individuals. It is a form of thought-control and political suppression.
This bill is completely unacceptable in a free and democratic society. It must be stopped!


I am opposed to Bill C-6 which bans change therapy, counselling, advice, and prayer for those who no longer wish to identify as LGBT.

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Bill C-6 was originally introduced in the last parliamentary session as Bill C-8. When Trudeau prorogued parliament, C-8 died.  Bill C-6 was subsequently introduced in the current parliamentary session, with the exact same wording.  To read the text of Bill C-6 for yourself, click here