“I should have been challenged by grown ups.”

~ Keira Bell

Bill C-8 represents an unprecedented assault by the Trudeau Liberals on our civil rights, personal freedoms, and religious liberties in this country.

Here are some real-life examples of what will likely happen if Bill C-8 passes into law:

If you’re a doctor or counsellor, you will no longer be permitted to publicly offer help and healing to struggling homosexuals and transgenders. If you do, it will be considered “advertising conversion therapy”, and you will face up to two years in jail. [Section 320.‍104]. If you privately offer help, but accept a fee for your help, you will face up to two years in jail for receiving a “material benefit from conversion therapy”. [Section 320.‍105].

If you’re a parent with a gender-confused child, you will not be permitted to help that child conform to his/her biological gender. If you seek outside help, or if you counsel that child yourself to find peace with his/her bodily reality, you will be guilty of “causing [a] child to undergo conversion therapy”, and you will go to jail for up to five years. You can do nothing but offer affirmation, artificial hormones, and/or mutilating sex-change surgeries to your child. [Section 320.‍103(1)].

If you’re a pastor or church leader who publicly proclaims the power of Christ to transform homosexuals and transgenders, you may be arrested for “advertising conversion therapy”. [Section 320.104]. If an ex-gay or ex-trans is converted at your church and drops some money in the offering plate, you could be arrested for receiving an indirect “material benefit for conversion therapy”. [Section 320.105].

Of course, it’s ridiculous. Of course, it’s totalitarian. But it’s happening.

The Liberal government, at the behest of the LGBT lobby, is moving to politicize people’s healthcare and counselling choices. They are pushing to eradicate the Christian view of sexuality and gender from the public square. They are working to suppress and deny the testimony of countless ex-gays and ex-trans who expose the lies of the LGBT narrative.

Just take a look at the testimonies that we are compiling at Campaign Life Coalition from various Canadian ex-gays and ex-trans. The government wants to silence these voices!

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