“CENSORED”: A Canadian-produced documentary on Sexual Orientation Change Therapy

This 1-hour 52 minute documentary was produced in 2020 by independent Quebec journalist, Michelle Lizotte, in cooperation with Montreal-based non-profit organization, Campagne Quebec-Vie.  Separate French and English versions of the documentary film (see below) were produced so that Canadians can learn the truth about sexual orientation change therapy – a truth the mainstream media has been suppressing.

Much maligned by some, a variety of therapies, empirically-validated by many decades of research, is revealed in this documentary to be quite effective when used by competent therapists.  Lizotte argues that they would be much more widespread were it not for the blockade of homosexual-friendly mental health institutions that prevent researchers from accessing funding and mainstream medical journals from publishing their research.

The documentary also explores in some detail the methods used by key actors in various psychological organizations such as the American Psychological Association, along with gay-activist allies in government and the media, to conduct smear campaigns against therapies, therapists and researchers, demonizing anyone who would dare say publicly that same-sex attracted people can and do change, with the help of professionally-conducted therapy.

The powerful investigative report includes testimonies from ex-gay men and women who received talk therapy to resolve unwanted same-sex attraction, or to live in harmony with their faith.  These individuals explain what they learned about themselves during the therapy, the causes of their same-sex attraction, and how the therapy brought them peace, hope and in many cases, the change in attraction that they hoped for.

It also includes interviews with professional therapists who are experts in counselling for unwanted sexual attraction and sexual fluidity, and the latest scientific research on the possibility of changing from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

English Version

French Version

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