Reparative, or Talk Therapy, for unwanted same-sex attraction has success rates as good as or better than psychological treatments for other unwanted conditions.

To provide you with a summary of the latest, empirical, peer-reviewed research on the matter, read the scholarly paper (below) by Dr. Ann Gillies

WHITE PAPER: False Assumptions about Science is the Basis for Conversion Therapy Bans (Dr. Ann Gillies, 2020)

After that, watch a 3-part video interview with the world’s foremost expert in clinical talk therapy treatment for unwanted same-sex attraction, the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi who ran a large clinic in California that treated thousands of same-sex attracted men and women, claiming an impressive 1/3 success rate amongst his patients for a total recovery of their heterosexual potential.  We also provide a great video by Dr. Ann Gillies, an Ontario-based Trauma Specialist with much experience in the research of change therapy.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Interview: Part 1

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Interview: Part 2

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Interview: Part 3

Dr. Ann Gillies, PhD
The Remarkable Efficacy Rates of Change Therapy

What Does a “Conversion Therapy” Session Really Look Like?

Watch the following actual therapy session for unwanted gender identity confusion, conducted with “Rachel” a teenage girl in Calgary. The therapy session was conducted by Dr. Ann Gillies, a licensed Canadian psychotherapist, and would be deemed a criminal act if Bill C-6 gets passed, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

See for yourself that there’s nothing “coercive” or “violent” about it. Neither can this counselling session be considered “degrading” or “torture” as the Trudeau government and its media allies keep asserting.

 Start at 4 min 55 seconds.

Next, Dr. Gillies conducted a separate family counselling session with “Rachel’s” parents. This session would also likely be a criminal act if Bill C-6 gets passed.

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