Bill C-6 will harm same-sex attracted Canadians who are desperate for help to live in harmony with their faith. It’ll also harm Canadians suffering with gender dysphoria, i.e. the belief that you have a woman’s brain trapped inside a man’s body, or vice-versa.

Gender confused Canadians will be deprived of psychological counselling that can provide a holistic alternative to the faddish advice that pharmaceutical and surgical sex change is what they really need to be happy.  For some gender dysphoric people, this deprivation will result in a lifetime of regret for making an irreversible decision to cut-off body parts. For others who come to regret their transition, the lack of counselling, because it will have been banned as “conversion therapy”, will lead to depression, suicidal ideation and suicide.

Watch the testimonies below, from real ex-gays and ex-transgenders, many of them Canadians! They’re pleading for the right to therapy equality and the freedom to change, if they so desire. The Trudeau Liberals want to pretend these people don’t exist. But they do!

Watch the Testimony of Keira Bell

Kathy Grace Duncan

“Change is possible”

Robert Wenman

“Conversion therapy saved my life”

Keith Alexander

“I am free today”

Wilna Van Beek

“My same-sex attractions no longer exist”

Hudson’s story:

“I have found peace and joy”

James Parker:

“Victor or Victim?

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